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Country home, mountain views
If you are looking for a location with assistance for Seniors, without the "institutional" feel, Mountain Haven is the place.

Views and interest all around.
Mountain Haven rests on a hill overlooking the drainage of the Arkansas River.  To the west is the unobstructed view of the Collegiate  Peaks, Colorado's string of 14,000 foot mountains. To the east rises the bolder fields and cliff structures of the San Isabel National Forest, starting at our own back yard.

At Mountain Haven, our surroundings are truly about nature and beauty.

A very rare winter scene at Moutain Haven
Our area is often refered to as "Colorado's Bannana Belt", so we very rarely get the beautiful picture of as much snow as is seen above.  In fact, we enjoy more than 300 days of Sunshine in Buena Vista and Chaffee County.  The limited snow that we usually get in winter doesn't last more than a day or two on the ground, making ours a surprising Senior-Friendly climate in many respects.  
If having four full seasons is what you still want in your life, ours is a high-elevation climate to consider.

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As if the surrounding landscape weren't enough, we add to that natural beauty with flower gardens, planters and pots, as well as a fresh vegatable garden.

We didn't stop there, we also have a wonderful waterfall and pond nestled up against the cliffs with koi and water plantings all around.  
Come for a visit, and see how beautiful, homey and natural Senior Care can be.
Pond and waterfall
While the outdoors is abundant with beauty and views here at Mountain Haven, each of our rooms have windows that bring that beautiful landscape indoors as well.
Inerior of room with beautiful scene outside window

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