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Small, Homey, Private and Quiet.
There are no better words to describe our  environment.  Outdoors, we are so fortunate to be located nestled among protective rock formations, and bordered by The San Isabel National Forest.  We are not a "Facility" type of environment in any way.  We are a home environment like your own home, or your parent's home.
View out of a room window 
On our Rooms and Services page,
you will notice that we provide very large rooms at a rate that is far less than  more "institutional" type facilities.  We hope that you will shop around for prices and what other facilities offer.  We know that based on our resident's and their family's feedback that we have some of the largest and most comfortable rooms around, and at a very fair price.

Our Primary Personal Care Providers ~
have been providing excellent  and sensitive personal care for over 14 years on average. Their time has been devoted in large part to the special needs of Seniors and their health care problems. Sacred Mountain is widely admired and appreciated in our community for our truly outstanding care.

Local health care providers and therapists
all enjoy working with us at Sacred Mountain, and we have an abundance of local therapists and other special-
ists that visit our residents in-
home and provide additional great services.

Our maintenance staff
is truly devoted and very qualified to quickly handle and anticipate any problems, keeping your life worry-free. We also provide and maintain:

  • Special medical and care equipment

  • Satellite Television

  • High Speed Internet

  • Computer and email access