Tom Haven knows more than is good for him.  When vicious bombs start exploding all around Springfield, home of the powerful American Faith Church, a mysterious phone call feeds Tom facts about the bombings unknown by the Police, FBI, and ATF.  The information Tom is given by the mysterious Marie claims that an influential Police lieutenant is involved in the bombings.  Soon Tom finds he can trust just about no one.

No one that is, except a friend more loyal than Tom could ask for— the classy and smart Anastasia Hansen, whom everyone knows as Annie.  When the tips from Marie are confirmed by an article they find buried in the city newspaper, Tom and Annie race ahead of dirty cops and powerful politically connected church leaders to find the startling truth.

The truth which won't be made clear until they come face to face

With The—

Here are two samples from "God of Hell Fire".   Like everything, it takes me a while to change this web page.

Click for sample of Chapter 10, "First Excursion"

Click for sample of Chapter 18, "A Scam— Dressed Up"

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