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 —Care at Sacred Mountain

Sacred Mountain is a Senior Care Residence.  We are like to call ourselves Home-Environment  Senior Resident Care.  Our residence and care is located  in the large rooms of a Ranch-Style house, far removed from the noise and pressures of the city.  We are located just outside of the town of Buena Vista, Colorado, nestled on a hill overlooking beautiful views in every direction, next to the San Isabel National Forest.

It is our belief, that just as people are unique individuals with individual tastes in everyday life, there is a need for many individual choices of lifestyle in Senior Care.  

With that philosophy in mind, Sacred Mountain can best be described as "Small, private, quiet and peaceful Senior Care in beautiful surroundings."

Our Care can most easily be described as simply the finest, thoughtful and compassionate care available in our area.  We currently have the finest staff that we can find, all of them with the best reputation for care that is available in Chaffee County.
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picture of a room and view

More Room and Care details:

  • Private Rooms:  Our rooms at Sacred Mountain are Private with their own private bath.  Enjoy roominess that is hard to find in Senior Living.
  • Private Baths:  Our baths are light and airy with bright colors and design.  We have plenty of hand-holds and grab bars for your safety. We can accomodate any of your special needs as well.
  • Meals:  We pride ourselves in having not only a great menu and genuine home-cooked meals, but we will also do everything we can to accomodate your special dietary needs. That means we will work with you, your doctor, or nutritionist  to make sure that your dietary needs are met.  In addition, we will make every effort to prepare the kinds of dishes that you love, and take special orders for many meals. 

Our Philosophy
Home, Dignity and Care:

"Home" and "Care" are our main purpose; however, Dignity is our middle name. We strive to make Sacred Mountain truly Home for you or your loved ones.  Above all, our Care services have the priority to provide you with the help and dignity that you deserve, and the sensitive care that you have earned in your life.

  Mountain Goat
By request, here's a picture of our new neighbor,
looking down on our back yard.

surrounding landscape

Sacred Mountain caters to those who prefer or need quiet, soothing, low-pressure surroundings.  

Llama Friends

We do many things to make our surroundings interesting and peaceful.  As interesting as they are to look at, our Llamas are even more interested in looking at You!

Management Welcomes You!

Our Management strives to keep Sacred Mountain in great condition for safety and comfort.  We also only hire and keep the very best caregivers available, never tolerating anything less.